Steve Eldridge, aka Spangles the Clown is involved in various other circus groups and projects. He is one half of Circus Berzercus and manager of “Circus into Schools”.  Circus Berzercus has three award winning family shows and a new Christmas Show for 2020 called, “The Magic Elves” which are toured nationally on the Rural Touring Schemes and can be booked for Schools, Theatres and Community Halls, call 01822 854143. These shows use the traditions of circus clowning and variety in a modern context, loved by children and adults. We offer schools a festive Christmas show and the PTA and fundraising package, provide summer festivals and events, exciting street shows or fun circus skills projects. Steve is the administrator of Circus Berzercus. See, or email: to book shows or discuss circus skill projects.


We proudly present your circus skills workshop leaders, Steve and Ben


Spangles the Clown, (Steve) also teaches circus skills working in partnership with circus into schools. Steve is a regular tutor leading Circus Skill Projects in Schools, he is the administrator for Circus into Schools. Circus into Schools Projects are Exciting, they inspire young people, improve co-ordination and self-esteem. “Circus into Schools” offers a range of activities for events including circus workshops, children’s entertainers and family entertainment. Full further details visit, call 01822 854143 or email

Spangles the Clown, (Steve Eldridge) has done a number of circus research projects working with Circus Berzercus between 2004-2008 in Schools, to research the relationship between learning circus skills and literacy, co-ordination and behaviour. These Circus Skills Projects include a 2004 Arts Council funded pilot research project tested the effects of learning circus skills on the spelling, handwriting, fine motor skills and self esteem of special education needs children (SEN) aged nine to twelve. The children had specific learning difficulties, namely their literacy and numeracy skills. The reading speed of the experimental group improved by 63%, in comparison with 5% in the control group.