Spangles Versus Killer Clowns Article

The Demonising of Clowns.

Spangles The Clown have been working in Devon and Cornwall for the past 27 years, my clown shows delight children and adults at many of the top tourist destinations in the South West. The present demonising of clowns has nothing to do with my profession. Stephen Kings horror film IT, 28 years ago brought a clown character to the screen to scare people and there have been many since. Joke shops and Fancy Dress Stores are stocking up with scary clown masks coming up to Halloween. As a children’s entertainer will  more children be scared of clowns after this latest craze, possibly. For more than twenty years, I have be the one to judge all the pumpkins carved, lanterns made and fancy dress costumes worn by hundreds of children and parents at Woodlands Leisure Park. But  that  innocence family scene has changed, moved on. Older youth want frights nights, it has become scary.  Spangles the Clown no longer judges the families patient pumpkin carvings and the making of things. Halloween will pass and Spangles The Clown will continue to entertain with my funny antics, visual comedy and great circus skills to hearty laughs and the demonising of clowns will pass, I hope.

Spangles Versus Killer Clowns Article

Taken from Express & Echo “A clown from Exeter, known in the trade as Spangles, says there is stark contrast between his brand of children’s entertainment and the current ‘Killer Clown’ craze.

Sinister pranksters, fuelled by social media, have been roaming streets dressed as horror movie clowns in a bid to terrify passers-by.

Steve Eldridge, who now lives in Dartmoor, says the incidents are not being carried out by clowns, but people dressed as clowns.
“To be a clown you need to be funny,” he explains, “My job as Spangles the Clown is to A: Be entertaining, and B: Perform good tricks. Their job is to be scary.

Mr Eldridge has been in the children’s entertainment game for 27 years, and is professionally trained in circus skills like juggling. He takes his caberet show across Devon and Cornwall.

On whether these ‘Horror Clowns’ normalise a fear of clowns and clown make-up, he said: “In my experience kids, especially around seven and eight years old, still really love clowns.

“They are growing up with Mr Tumble, and have a good view of clowns. Those who tend to be scared of them are older and teenaged, and I take nothing personally.

“These incidents are being done by clowns targeting a different audience. My caberet shows and workshops target youngsters, whereas this appears to be for teenagers and those older.”

In the United States, where the bizarre incidents originated,children’s entertainers have been vocal about the creepy sightings.

One clown. speaking to NPR, said: “When you start putting clowns up there with terrorists, then I think people need to take a step back and ask themselves, yeah, maybe it was funny in thought, but is it really funny?

“Because underneath the makeup – for the real clowns – are real people with real families, with real jobs.”

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Spangles Versus The Killer Clowns News Article
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